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Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, Australia, South Pacific Ocean. Picture #: 000250 is a professional stock photography agency founded in 1985 by award-winning marine wildlife photographer Doug Perrine for the purpose of the commercial licensing of photographs and artwork of marine wildlife. Since then, has grown steadily, and in 2003 Susan Dabritz purchased the company. Sue was the office manager for six years and has an established client base and frequently talks to the photographers that represents. In 2014, another award-winning photographer, Masa Ushioda, took over the company as Susan was forced to resign due to her terminal illness. Masa joined, Inc. in 1997, and has been with the company since. He has been the technical specialist as well as one of the main contributing professional photographers. employs the latest technology and digital imaging techniques, and represents the work of more than 200 photographers, scientists, and artists.

We have the most comprehensive photo files on the topics of sharks and rays, whales and dolphins, manatees and dugongs, and sea turtles, but we also illustrate all types of sea life and coastal life from algae to sea slugs to the blue whale - the largest animal that ever lived. We have a small, but growing, file on freshwater aquatic life. We illustrate a variety of marine habitats and coastal environments, and human activities that take place there (diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.). Recently our penguin and polar bear files have been expanding, and as we gain more depth in our files we gain more clients.

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